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The unconscious of everyone attracts sex and death (sex and reproduction are partners); when something is linked to this, comes straight to the unconscious, this makes us feel attracted to certain products without consciously knowing that behind. We'll show examples of advertisements, movies, etc., where there is this kind of subliminal messages. It is upon you accept it or not, it's best to make this known to not feel cheated, and judging ourselves.

lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008

Ejemplo - Gráfica de Revista

En esta oportunidad vemos una publicidad de la bebida alcoholica Martini.
Citando al titular que lleva la gráfica podemos decir que lo que no se puede perder de vista es la entre pierna de la chica, ya que la luz que se refleja en su pierna es una flecha, que apunta hacia la entrepierna de la misma; esta flecha tiene una apariencia de glande.

On this occasion we see an advertisement of alcoholic beverage Martini.
Quoting the owner bearing the graphic can say that what we can not lose sight of it between the legs of the girl, as the light that is reflected in his leg is an arrow, pointing toward the same entrepierna; this Arrow has a semblance of glans.

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