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The unconscious of everyone attracts sex and death (sex and reproduction are partners); when something is linked to this, comes straight to the unconscious, this makes us feel attracted to certain products without consciously knowing that behind. We'll show examples of advertisements, movies, etc., where there is this kind of subliminal messages. It is upon you accept it or not, it's best to make this known to not feel cheated, and judging ourselves.

miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

Ejemplo - Aerosol - Packaging

En este caso, el diseño del envase del producto contiene un mensaje subliminal.

Como se puede ver en las fotografías, la “tapa” del producto tiene una morfología similar a la de una vulva.

La cual se articula perfectamente al usar el producto (véase donde se introduce el dedo para usar el producto).

In this case, the design of the product packaging contains a subliminal message. As can be seen in the photographs, the "cap" the product has a morphology similar to that of a vulva. The which is articulated perfectly when using the product (see where they enter the finger to use the product).

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